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    Google SEO Encyclopedia from A to Z

    Other topics in the field "A":

    1. Above the fold

    With "above the fold" and "below the fold" referred to are immediately visible and not immediately visible parts of a web page. "Above the fold" is that region, den User without scrolling to be able to see.

    2. advertorial

    Advertorials are Advertising insertions, that look like an ordinary post on the website. The advertising can also be embedded in a really informative and useful contribution.

    3. AdWords ad text

    Adwords ad texts usually consist of a headline and a text line. Both must be formulier, that they move users as possible to click. With a call-to-action can reinforce.

    4. Affiliate Marketing

    In affiliate marketing, advertising site operators, as affiliate partners, provide advertisers with ad space on their website. Is clicked by a website visitor to a switched there display, the website operator receives a fee, when a visit to the site or a sale is concluded.

    5. Anchor-Text

    The anchor text is the LinkText, So the visible part of a link, designated. Anchor texts replace the respective URL. They can be used for internal and external links.

    6. Types of searches: transactional, navigational, informational

    Depending on the respective search intent can be search queries (queries) into groups: for transactional queries the user would like to buy something for navigational queries he wants to go to a specific page or vendors and informational queries the user is looking for information or guidance.

    Other topics in the field "B":

    7. B2B-Marketing

    The B2B Marketing (Business-to-Business Marketing) stands for marketing in all dealings, in which a company wants to sell some to other companies. In contrast, the B2C Marketing is in the business with end customers (consumers) instead of.

    8. B2C-Marketing

    When B2C marketing (Business-to-Customer Marketing) it comes to the marketing of products and services to end users. It is the B2B (Business-to-Business Marketing) to separate, in which is all about business with other companies.

    9. Backlinks

    As backlinks those links are referred, the from other domains to the link your own. With the number of quality backlinks to a page increases their reputation with the search engines (relevance, Trust).

    10. Bad Neighbourhood

    A "bad neighborhood" you can einhandeln, albeit inferior sites are hosted on the same server or has links to pages via links, classify, or the search engines as inferior have punished.

    11. Banner

    Banners are the most important Advertising Materials in online marketing. This is to advertisements, the picture- and text elements included and will be placed on different websites (banners).

    12. Accessible Website

    Accessible websites are designed to, they can use without any problems that people with disabilities or certain restrictions. Important standards are those BITV 2.0 (binding for official bodies) and WCAG 2.0 (general policy).

    13. Behavioral Targeting

    With behavioral targeting that is Browsing behavior of the user analyzed. According to its behavior and visited pages will then each played a particular advertisement. The technology is based on Cookies.

    14. Black Hat SEO

    At Black Hat SEO techniques are used, which violate the applicable guidelines of the search engines. Purpose is usually, to manipulate search engines results display. The name is derived from the black hat of the villains in cowboy movies.

    15. blog Marketing

    The blog marketing can be either a blog are marketed itself or a separate (business)Blog created, thereby achieving more interest and more requests for my website.

    16. Write blog articles

    to write a good blog text, the interest arouses, begins with the right topic. It must be interesting for the reader to be and include him useful information. It also depends on good structure and optimal structuring.

    17. Bounce Rate/Absprungrate

    The bounce rate or bounce rate indicates, what percentage of website visitors leave the site after only a single page view again, and no further clicks. It can be concluded, how attractive content for visitors.

    18. Brand Awareness

    Brand awareness is used in German both as Brand awareness as well as Brand awareness interpreted. It indicates, what percentage can remember a certain brand of people and knows the brand image.

    19. Branded Content

    When it comes to branded content, at the same time in connection with certain published content even subliminally to certain brands (Brands), to point products or services. This content is so then "branded".

    Other topics in the field "C":

    20. Call-to-Action

    Under a call-to-action (CTA) refers to a direct request to the user, now to make a certain action immediately ("click here!", "order now!")

    21. Case Study

    Case studies are case studies which are used both in teaching and in research. In both cases, concrete, Looking for individual cases accurately defined and expertly solved.

    22. Chatbot

    A chatbot replaced on websites, in chat or in connection with animated avatars human communication. the bot (from "Robot") may contain certain text- recognize or voice inputs, process and answer.

    23. Churn Rate

    The churn rate indicates, what percentage of migrating the existing customer base in a given period by the company. The term is composed of the two words "change" (change) and "turn" (turn away).

    24. Click-Through-Rate

    Die Click-Through-Rate (CTR) indicates, how often a banner or link is clicked. The CTR is calculated from the number of clicks compared to the number of total impressions (Views). The CTR is always a percentage.

    25. Clickbaiting

    The term is composed of "click" (click) and "bait" (bait). should have an irresistible urge users of a particular design with lurid headlines and psychological tricks, click on a link. Clickbaits are not highly regarded.

    26. Content Advertising

    With content advertising or Native Advertising advertising content is presented in this way, that they appear as ordinary side post. This is to click on the links to the advertising content more users.

    27. Content Calendar

    In a Content Calendar is held, what content should be posted at which time a blog or in a social media profile. The content calendar is thus a possibility for Content Planning.

    28. Content Curation

    The term Content Curation refers to the collection, Organize and publish content from various other sources on your side. Content Curation can be a great way, publish with little trouble quickly high amounts of relevant content on a topic.

    29. Content for Voice Search

    At Google a search can also be started using the voice command. These searches are usually formulated differently typed, the search expectations are often different. must be special content created for this reason for such requests.

    30. Content is King

    the saying "Content is King" comes from Bill Gates from the year 1

    6. What they mean, that the basis of all publications in the Web always quality, must be beneficial for readers content. This is true even today fully.

    31. Content Management System

    Content Management Systeme (CMS) allow especially easy to create, Edit and publish content on the web. The well-known blog platforms such as Wordpress or Joomla are also content management systems, a more complex example Typo3.

    32. Content-Manager

    Content Manager are responsible for all content on a web page. They not only create a selection of relevant content for a webpage (strategic content planning), but also take care of setting and publishing content to the appropriate systems.

    33. Content Marketing

    When content marketing advisory or entertaining content is used, to attract users, to address and convince your own company or a separate product and win them as customers order.

    34. Content Nudging

    Beim Content Nudging - from "nudge" = nudge - should gently through certain content users and encouraged positive, to make a certain action to make or a certain desired decision. Nudging successful requires a good sense and good people skills.

    35. Content Republishing

    The republishing means the re-publishing of certain content. Often this is done in an amended form (from. B. Text content as infographic), to the risk of duplicate content and actually exclude "new" Content to create. Republishing will too "Content Recycling" called.

    36. Content Siloing

    When content Siloing a Web page is broken down into specific topics. The individual topics ("subtopics") hot silos. This facilitates users to focus on the website, but is perceived by search engines as positive.

    37. Content Strategy

    In creating a content strategy it comes to planning, Which content at what time above which channels should be spread. A meaningful content strategy is essential for any website. It must also for their own marketing strategy to fit and complement as well as possible.

    38. Conversion Funnel

    Ein Conversion Funnel (funnel hopper =) is the distance of individual stations, the visitors of websites on the Qualifzierung as prospective (Leads) up to the purchase completion (=Conversion, converting the visitor into a buyer) go. Since there are significantly more visitors than at the end buyer, This trail runs more like a funnel (therefore the name)

    39. Conversion Rate

    Die Conversion Rate (CR) indicates, what percentage makes a particular act of users (from. B. subscribe to a newsletter) or a certain status obtained (from. B. buyer). Die Conversion Rate, in particular in sales transactions, Every website operator should constantly increase in the interest.

    40. Cookies

    Cookis are very small text files, the time a user is stored in the browser and either information about his conduct (length of visit, Use of inputs) or users themselves (from. B. Login information for later automatic identification of the user) contain. They can also be deleted by the user.

    41. Copywriting

    Copywriting has nothing to do with copying, but merely referred to the writing of advertising copy by professional copywriters. One must distinguish copywriting as writing advertising texts always of Content Writing, are created when the informative and journalistic texts.

    42. Corporate Blog

    In a corporate blog (Company Blog) a company informs its customers about new or interesting information spread among its customers and prospects. Corporate blogs are an important one today Agent in the range of customer communication.

    43. Corporate Identity

    Die Coroporate Identity (CI) the overall picture, the company or an institution wants to talk of in public. It is determined by the Corporate Design (visual design), der Corporate Philosophy (CP), as well as the behavior shown outwardly and inwardly (Corporate Culture, Corporate Language, Corporate Behaviour, Corporate Communication). A coherent and positive picture is desirable.

    44. Cost per Mille (CPM)/Cost per mille (TKP)

    The term CPM - German TKP - the costs are understood, an advertisement based on the 1.000 Advertisement (Impressions) caused. In many cases, this model is also used for the billing of advertising expenses by the provider of advertising space. An alternative name for it is also TAI (Thousand-Ad-Impressions).

    45. Cost per Click (CPC)

    The cost per click model is - like the CPM model - a billing model for the cost of advertisements. Costs are in this case only, when in fact a user clicks on the ad and reaches the advertised site.

    46. Crowdsourcing

    The term derives from the English "Outsourcing" (Outsource individual tasks to external forces) and "Crowd" (the mass) from. Individual tasks are outsourced over the Internet to voluntary users, who do the tasks set then by joint services (from. B. Translate an app navigation). By crowdsourcing considerable cost savings often, with high quality of task completion.

    47. Customer Relationship Management

    Das Customer Relation Management (CRM) or customer relationship management is engaged in the design and optimization of customer relationships of a company. The goals are the most positive and long-term sustainable relationship with all customers and high customer loyalty.

    Other topics in the field "D":

    48. Data-Driven Marketing

    The data-driven marketing analyzes customer- and user data and thus gain insights, which are used for optimization of marketing and sales as well as increase their own reach and brand awareness.

    49. Dofollow & Nofollow

    "dofollow" and "Nofollow" are commands in the header of a single Web(under-)page, which the crawlers instruct the search engine, outbound links either to follow ("doFollow") or generally not to follow ("nofollow") and to ignore this.

    50. Domain

    A domain is an Internet address. It always consists of at least the domain ending (TopLevel-Domain, from. B. .from) and a second-level domain (actual domain name), optionally also from a specified subdomain (from. B.

    51. Duden corrector

    The Duden Corrector is a program to check the spelling in texts in German. He can - with reduced power - free can be used online, in the full version it is available as extension for Microsoft Office available.

    52. Duplicate Content

    Duplicate Content ("duplicate content") then always arise, if something is published on a web page, which was already published on another website with the same or nearly the same content. Content should always be unique, Duplicate content so you have to avoid.

    53. Duplicate Content Checker

    A Duplicate Content Checker checks, published if the planned to publish text contents already elsewhere on the Internet in homonymous or nearly identical terms. This means that the publication of duplicate content can be safely excluded.

    54. Dynamischer Content

    Dynamic content is content, which change frequently and rapidly due to update. An example of this are pages news, Real-Time Charts but also forums, Guest books or pages with user-specific contents displayed (tailored to the particular user). Special script languages ​​are used for the presentation of dynamic content when designing the pages (ASP.NET, JSP, Servlets, PHP).

    Other topics in the field "E":

    55. E-Book

    An e-book is a book in electronic data format, the potential on all devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) or special readers (E-Book-Reader) can be read directly on the screen. The electronic format used is often .pdf, E-Books, which automatically adapt to the existing screen size but usually .epub files.

    56. E-Mail-Marketing

    Email marketing is a form ofdirect Marketing. Through the sending of promotional emails to customers, having the reception preassigned agreed (Double-Opt-In) should win new customers, to achieve additional sales and retained existing customers.

    57. Emoji

    Emoji are images and icons, used in chats and text messages and convey moods easily removed or intended to transport information and thus enrich written texts. The best known is the Emoji Smiley - a yellow, smiling face.

    58. Employer Branding

    Through employer branding, companies try to the public as particularly attractive employer to present and gain as a competitive advantage, won by highly skilled workers and existing employees can be held effectively.

    59. Evergreen Content

    Evergreen plants bloom all year, immergrüner Content (evergreen) is the theme always timeless current and non-seasonally bound. He always represents a benefit to the reader. An example of this are lexicon entries.

    60. Eyetracking

    The eye tracking comes in the course of an improvement in the Usability (serviceability) a website for use. The eye movements of test subjects on the page are recorded and evaluated here, thus it can be said, which is first in the view of a visitor and what will possibly overlooked.

    Other topics in the field "F":

    61. Facebook Advertising

    Facebook allows advertisers with a corresponding account the playing of advertisements to very accurately defined user groups (Targeting). This can for example be used to target group identification. The ads on Facebook are chargeable.

    62. Featured Snippets

    Featured Snippets mind directly, clearly highlighted the search engine answers to a question of the user, which are directly in the Search engine result lists (SERPs appear. Displaying Featured Snippets can text snippets, Video-Snippets oder Listen- and his tables snippets.

    63. Follower

    Followers are users in social networks or blogs, by voluntary decision (Following or follow) get the contents of a newly created certain social media accounts or blogs displayed directly. The number of followers is equivalent to about at social media with the reach of an account.

    64. Freelance writers

    Freelance writers take over the writing of information contributions, blog Articles, Promotional text, journalistic texts and books on behalf of and against payment. They are not permanently employed but are paid only for the work done work, so you are self-employed.

    Other topics in the field "G":

    65. Ghostwriting

    Write ghostwriter on behalf of another person. The resulting work (book, journalistic contribution, blog Article, etc.) is then used under the name of client released. The Ghost Writer is indeed paid, occurs by name but nowhere in evidence.

    66. Google Updates

    The main interest lies in the search engine Google, to provide the users as closely as possible matching search results on their search queries. This makes regular adjustments of working in the background search algorithm needed. These changes are referred to as updates to the search engine. Once the update has taken place, the ranking results modify websites.

    67. Growth Hacking

    Growth hacking is supposed to do that Growing a business be artificially accelerated. For this purpose, certain tactics (Growth Hacks) used, the higher conversion, should provide more efficient customer acquisition and increasing the range.

    68. Guerilla Marketing

    When Guerrilla Marketing is sought with unusual marketing strategies, to achieve the fastest possible and high marketing success with far lower cost deployment. The targeted use of Word of mouth or the use of vehicle advertising and Streetbranding belong to guerrilla marketing.

    69. Google PageSpeed

    The online service Google Page Speed ​​helps analyze and optimize loading time a website. For too long load times or loading delays lead to high losses visitors and should therefore be avoided if possible.

    Other topics in the field "H":

    70. Hashtag

    With the word hashtag is the sign # meant. this sign, in English "hash sign" called, appears in front of keywords on Twitter and Instagram (from. B. #Metoo). By prefixing the # sign is signaled, that is a buzzword, can be associated with the individual contributions particular super topics.

    71. Hreflang

    The hreflang annotation tells search engines location targeting a web page with. A correct hreflang tag helps search engines for example, a UK version of a US version of a web page, do indeed have the same language, to distinguish. This means that the user can correct version of a web page (with locally valid content, Spellings and contact details) are displayed.

    72. HTML

    HTML is a markup language, indicating, to the text content of a web page are displayed in any form (from. B. headlines, boldface, font size, enumerations, etc.). HTML is but in addition also used, to the Meta information (from. B. the meta description of a page) define, which are particularly relevant for search engines.

    73. HTTP-Statuscode

    To an HTTP request, each server provides an appropriate response from, indicating, whether the request was successfully answered. Is not that the case, becomes a HTTP error code delivered. Error codes are always delivered with a three digit number, the type of error indicates (from. B. 404-Not Found oder 502-Bad Gateway). the desired page, the display is not possible.

    Other topics in the field "I":

    74. Inbound-Marketing

    When inbound marketing is set to, Bring the target group to your own site with as much information as possible about their search queries and convert them to buyers over time. Therefore, the name of this marketing strategy is aligned (inbound = hereinkommend, Outbound Marketing = go with advertising messages to the outside).

    75. Influencer Marketing

    When Influencer Marketing initially targeted the "influencers" addressed to a subject or in a particular area. The Influencer enter the advertising message then by a broad scope to the target audience further. Their influence and prestige evaluate the advertising message on it.

    Other topics in the field "K":

    76. Keyword

    Keywords are "keywords" for searches in search engines. A keyword does not necessarily have a single word be, but can also be a whole


    represent (from. B. "Buy Feuerwehrbedarf"). Pages should be designed to, that they meet frequently searched and important keywords as well as possible.

    77. Keyworddichte

    The keyword density or Keyword Density indicates, how often a single keyword within a continuous text on a Web page appears. If the keyword density is very high, will that Keyword-Stuffing ("In plugs of keywords") called. Keyword densities above 2 % should be avoided, because search engines to negative values.

    78. Knowledge Graph

    A Knowledge Graph is a way, Single structured information graphically represented and to examine the relationship of the individual elements to one another. Facebook investigated using a Knowledge Graph, for example, relationships between profiles, Google uses this technique, to relate individual words in a topic environment ("semantic database").

    79. Korrekturlesen

    Proofreading texts for the presence of spelling- or Grammtikfehlern checked. To do that already automatically to a large extent spelling programs today. From mere proofreading, which is usually is all about spelling and punctuation, you have to so-called "great editing" distinguish: there are next to consistency and content (Stringenz) and style with checked.

    80. KPI

    KPIs are key performance indicators, they are the key figures a measure of the efficiency and success of a company in different areas. Even for websites can evaluate the KPIs and continuously check. Important KPIs in this area are about the number of visitors, the residence, the conversion rate and the bounce rate of a web page. By improving the performance indicators and income increases (sales) a website.

    81. Creative writing

    is creative writing or creative writing writing lyrics as a creative process, with certain "Tools" and techniques for brainstorming and breaking down writer's block be used. often the clustering technique or different brainstorming techniques are used for patterning of texts.

    Other topics in the field "L":

    82. Landingpage

    The landing page provides those (Under-)page is, to which a user arrives first after clicking on a link or an ad. Landing pages must be very carefully designed, hold to as many users it, jump off and makes him, weiterzuklicken. You must exactly contain, what appeals to the user directly and what interests him.

    83. Latent Semantic Optimization

    The latent semantic optimization (LSO) is used by search engines, about relationships between concepts of a subject to produce (from. B. semantic database to Google). Thus, the search engine can recognize, on any subject on the site is relevant, even if the subject is not even mentioned About (from. B. the topic "Exhaust" is part of the About topic "Auto"). Conversely, can also use this to determine, how relevant and comprehensive text on a given subject is actually.

    84. Lead-Marketing

    qualified contacts, where it is already possible, that they could become buyers, is referred to in marketing as "Leads" (in American usage sometimes referred to as "Prospects" or "Sales Prospects". Visitors and lots of them while prospects (Leads) converted, which then, depending on the position in the purchase process (Customer Journey) each with different offers are made.

    85. link Building

    Link Building is the process, which is about building the highest quality possible Backlinks in as large a number as possible. The aim of link building is to, in an artificial way as possible natural-looking Build a backlink profile for a page.

    86. Liquid Storytelling

    In contrast to the ordinary Storytelling(Tell an advertiser history in marketing) tells the Liquid storytelling always the story of a hero, of a specific problem needs to solve and heroically doing. The customer can identify with the heroes there and is thus significantly more involved in the story. Especially in commercials Liquid Storytelling is now widespread.

    Other topics in the field "M":

    87. metadata

    Metadata is structured data, provide information about a certain other databases. The (invisible) Metadata of a HTML page contain, for example, a description of the website, the author's name, descriptive keywords or calls for return of the Suchmachinenbots (Crawler) after a certain period.

    88. Microsite

    Microsites are very simple websites with just a few pages and a very simple page structure. You can frequently be part of a larger Internet presence, then but still completely independent and usually have an individual design and individual priorities.

    89. Mobile Update (Mobilegeddon)

    The Mobile update by Google, by many as "Mobilegeddon" designated, An update of Google's search engine algorithm, the April 2015 was rolled out. In this especially websites, which were particularly well represented on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, prioritized suddenly and without warning. A number of previously very high twining pages, were mobile not well displayed, forfeited it very suddenly their rankings in from mobile devices run queries one. Desktop- or laptop queries were not affected.

    Other topics in the field "N":

    90. Native Advertising

    When native advertising advertisements are visually adapted to ordinary posts on the website and are thus only very hard for users "real" distinguished contributions. This is to ensure, Click that more users to the leading advertising site links, because they consider them to interesting articles.

    91. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to be presented in marketing the satisfaction of customers and the degree of loyalty to the company. The calculation is performed using a scale, would indicate to the people, whether they would certainly recommend this company (promoters), would certainly not recommend or (Detraktoren) or whether the company "rather not recommend" would. The NPS should be definitely in positive territory, determine what else "good value" is considered, is different from company to company.

    92. Neuromarketing

    When neuromarketing findings are used in brain research and psychological fields of work for, one advertising to make it even more convincing. be considered and used this knowledge about the occurrence of purchasing decisions in the brain, about different types of buyers and buying motivations (from. B. Security needs for certain people). The knowledge gained will be used directly for the targeted influencing purchasing decisions.

    93. Newsjacking

    The word Newsjacking consists of the words "News" and "Hijacking" (kidnap, Kidnappen) together. are current events or news "hijacked" and specifically used for, to promote their own products or your own service. Because journalists often search the Internet, the chance doing great, that they report the associated with the event advertising with pick up and about.

    94. Newsletter Content

    In a newsletter companies inform potential customers and prospects, who have previously signed up for the newsletter reception (Double-Opt-Inon relevant topics and current events and also make targeted offers to buy their products. What content is optimal for a newsletter, depends on getting the company and of the industry. Ideally, the newsletter content but tailored as much as possible to the respective recipient groups.

    Other topics in the field "THE":

    95. Off page optimization

    The off page optimization (= Optimization tasks outside the side) mainly refers to the generation of Backlinks and from Social Signs. These measures always take place on other pages than the actual page.

    96. Onepager

    Onepager are websites, which only consist of a single HTML page consist. A navigation or more sub-pages do not exist. Onepager can be when needed but vertically divided, the user must then scroll down, if he wants to move to another side of the page.

    97. Online Marketing

    In contrast to the Offline-Marketing In online marketing, all marketing processes are purely online, therefore carried out exclusively on the Internet. The aim is to attract as many visitors as possible on your own Homepage, increasing the online reach and generating online purchases with the highest possible Conversion Rate as well as reaching new target groups and buyer groups directly on the Internet.

    98. Online editor

    Online editors are also often called "Content-Manager" designated, especially if they are not working for online media but for businesses. The technical differences between traditional offline media and the very different design online media and media channels, the work of the online editor differs very radically from that of the classical editor.

    99. page optimization

    The page optimization includes all optimization measures, the directly to the corresponding side be performed. This differs fundamentally from the Off page optimization, in the optimization measures exclusively on strange Sides take place.

    100. Outbound Marketing

    In contrast to the Inbound Marketing, reach and visitors through their own searches of themselves on the website of the provider are converted there into customers, does the exact opposite when Outbound Marketing: The company creates an advertising message and carries it outward, there where the potential customers normally resident. (Inbound = hereinkommend, continuously outbound = outwardly). Effort and cost are the Outbound Marketing often much higher.

    101. Outsourcing of texts

    When outsourcing texts, you commission freelance writers or Ghostwriter with writing texts, instead they post or have this post of full-time employees. Outsourcing to professional copywriter can in many cases mean a cost advantage.

    Other topics in the field "P":

    102. Paid Media, Owned Media, Earned Media

    For online media channels you have to distinguish between fundamentally Paid, Owned und Earned Media. Ideally, marketing online can be used in all three channels and are coordinated. Under paid media any form understood by paid advertising, you pay for it, to broadcast on other channels their own advertising messages. Owned media are all own channels, one owns and designed himself (Corporate Blog, Newsletter, etc.). On earned media has no influence - These channels are only active, when users share the company's content on its own. High-quality, but unique content ensures, that the opportunity for very active earned media channels increases significantly.

    103. Panda (Google Updates)

    The Panda update is an update of the search algorithm of the search engine Google, the April 2011 was rolled out. Following more updates were 2012, 2013 and 2014 rolled out, further refined the the original update. Basic purpose of the update was, Pages with valuable and useful content consistently top the Search engine result lists (SERPs) bring to. During the update, many over optimized pages had with little valuable content to some extent suffered dramatic losses Ranking. Some other subsequent updates put the created with Panda quality of the search engine to further consistently.

    104. Persons

    The Latin word "person" means "mask". In marketing, is understood to be a catchy, good image to be captured of a specific customer type. The creation of as detailed and numerous buyer personas as possible makes this easier in marketing Copywriting and the design of advertising for very specific customer groups, can be as using the image of each persona and its characteristic features in mind a lot written and designed targeted.

    105. Plagiarism

    Plagiarism is a text or represent concepts or ideas, has someone else designed or conceived, and you spend as own creation. It is the Theft of intellectual property and thus also a violation of copyright, optionally also up to patent rights or design. The only minor or superficial alteration or adaptation of foreign intellectual property constitutes plagiarism while no independent intellectual. Standard for judging, whether it is a plagiarism (Text, sound recordings, piece of music, invention, Design) These is the original authorship (own rendered spiritual power). A copyright infringement, as well as to patents and industrial designs is punishable as a rule.

    106. press release

    A press release (PM) is a concise statement of the facts, The one interesting event, is a current change or improvement or any other matter of public interest short and based on facts. It serves, about a


    or to be submitted directly to journalists, then decide, whether they want to make a news report from. In the online sector also self-written and self-published on various channels are often mistakenly posts often than "press release" designated. These are then, however, only self-published Posts, No press release.

    107. Product description

    In online stores no direct sales advice is available from customer. To inform customers and to convince stand for merely product available. For this reason, product descriptions need to be very informative, well structured, configured for typical customer questions and be as detailed as possible.

    108. Publisher

    a publisher - on German about "publisher" or "editor" - is basically someone, the foreign or own works (Text, photos, information graphics) released. In ad networks is meant by the publisher always those, of a website operates and offers advertising space there for the advertiser.

    Other topics in the field "Q":

    109. QR-Code

    QR codes are two-dimensional codes, act like a complex graphics and can be applied to various media or printed. By reading through the mobile phone camera, the abstract pattern can again automatically transformed into information are, The users then available. The code can web addresses, contain phone numbers or other information, which are then directly after readout from the camera available.

    Other topics in the field "R":

    110. RankBrain

    The rank Brain was developed by Google, the use of special search algorithms, semantic mappings and artificial intelligence to improve the recognition accuracy of search engine queries. By detecting the search intent of the user as accurately as possible matching results are to be achieved. The system has been 2015 active, already at the first comparison with real people, the artificial intelligence undertook more assignments than the working people to compare (80 % instead of 70 % correct assignments). Even with previously never made searches and formulated question sets the rank Brain can usually very accurately detect, what is meant and deliver accordingly suitable results.

    111. Real-Time-Bidding

    About Real-Time Bidding (RTB), and Real-Time Advertising (RTA), can bid on certain available advertising spaces advertisers in real time. Who makes the highest bid, whose advertising is played there. Bidding and the playing of advertising work automatically in the background based on the set maximum prices per click (CPC).

    112. writing speeches

    Writing speeches is often not by the speakers themselves, but done by professionals. In politics, this is common, but also as a business or for private events (from. B. a speech as Father of the Bride) you can let write a speech. If necessary, you can also freelance authors or ghostwriters to write speeches.

    113. Referral-Marketing

    When Referral marketing is a form of referral marketing. It is used both in the online space as offline area in. Who advertises a new customer, receives a reward. In this principle, the company is - different from the viral marketing have little control over the company - a directly caused recommendation. Recommendations are very effective - the purchase probability of referrals here is four times higher than ordinary advertising.

    114. Responsive Content

    Content itself can be not technically responsive, only the web design of a site can be created responsive, that is, it automatically adapts to each existing screen size. Text- and image content within the Responsive designs then right, predefined sizes scaled.

    115. Retargeting

    By retargeting measures users can, a website for a product- left or search for information, autmatisch advertising page or product, they have seen, get displayed. This happens, by a user while visiting a website through a Cookie is marked, through which it can be identified again later. He is on the same network as the visited provider, relevant advertising can be played. Facebook selected users without cookies always automatically. Retargeting is highly effective, especially since there is no real possibility of opt-out for users.

    116. Return on Investment

    Der Return on Investment (KING) is an economic indicator, indicating, which proceeds (profit) can be achieved by a particular investment. The calculation is performed according to a formula, both profits and sales and capital account. It reads ROI = Profit : invested capital. it is used the generated net profit excluding value added tax. The ROI is usually expressed as a percentage, in German-speaking countries is also the term for the ROI return on investment common.

    117. Robots.txt

    Die Datei robots.txt, a simple text file is always to find a website in the root directory, is used to control the Search engine crawlers. The robots.txt contains commands for crawlers and indicates, among other things, which areas and subpages in the Suchindexshould be included and which are not.

    118. RSS-Feed

    Using RSS feeds can be individual websites, such as blogs,"subscribe to", so you will automatically be informed of any changes on the website. Ein Feed (of English. "feed") can merely a headline, contain an abbreviated text or some of the new text. In order to use a feed reader is needed.

    Other topics in the field "S":

    119. Search Term

    Unter Search Term (Suchphrase) refers to a combination of words or characters, which are entered into a search engine, to obtain a desired search result. This can both "Buy mobile phone" be and "when did martin luther king?". Whatever users enter into the search box so is considered search phrase.

    120. Seeding

    The term Seeding ("Aussäen") refers to the placement of content to a convenient location, from which the content emerges viral distribution distributed by itself. A prerequisite for successful seeding, is that a certain amount of participating users achieved before ("Tipping Point" or "critical mass") and the content is easy to share.

    121. Semantic Search

    In semantic search usually phrased questions can be entered. Semantic search engines are able, to determine the significance of such issues. At Googles RankBrain, where artificial intelligence is used, does the already excellent. 122. Buy SEO texts

    For sites optimized texts you do not even write. You can also see them at Textagenturen or at freelance writers order. necessary in advance keyword research should be allowed, however, usually perform themselves or carried out by other service providers.

    123. SEO-Tools

    These tools can be both performance and ranking of websites monitor. Tools can thereby offer very different functions. Before purchasing you should always thoroughly consider, what features you actually need.

    124. SERP
    The acronym SERP (plurality SERPs) stands for: Search Engine Results Page, So in German "Search engine results". this appears, when entered into the search engine a keyword and executed a search.

    125. Shitstorm

    Shitstorms are not limited solely to the social media, although they occur there most frequently. but Shitstorm can also take place in blog comments or in the comment section of ordinary websites. As Shitstorm always referred to an avalanche of negative comments or criticism of an individual or an institution.

    126. Slideshow

    In a stuff different images or graphics can be automatically displayed in sequence and are also very easy presents. Some Audio tools allow the individual figures Image Transitions (from. B. soft Blend), the possibility, set different display durations and simultaneous playback of audio tracks during the presentation (from. B. Background music).

    127. Snack Variable Content

    Snack Able content are easily crafted content, in small "morsel" can be offered and require the user no high concentration when taking. As a snack Able content are (very short) text sections, animated graphics or short video sequences. Just by consuming "by the way" You can generate at the end but high user attention.

    128. Social-Media-Content

    Under Social Media Content means all content, created specifically for social media. These are in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and networks like Pinterest, Snapchat and Flickr. Video streaming services like YouTube and Vimeo are sometimes counted also on the social media.

    129. Social Media Optimization (WE ARE)

    As part of the SMO many individual tasks must be performed, depending on the used network, Type of account and personal social media strategy can be very different. Basic objectives are the establishment of the largest possible reach for their own social media accounts, creating and positioning (Seeding) appropriate content on each channel, intensifying communication with the followers and the best possible management of their own reputation in the social networks ("good reputation" or positive image). Often proprietary Social Media Manager both SMO and the ongoing support of the individual channels.

    130. Social Signals

    Als Social Signals (social cues) refers to all social interactions, within the social media on their own account, but also take place in blogs or comment fields. As a rule, these are mostly Likes, Shares or comments. can positively influence the ranking of a website to what extent a high number of social signal, is controversial. There are indications, Google itself makes this not a clear indication, but after all, advises, at least look into the problem.

    131. Stock Photos

    Photos are images, you may use on websites as Illustration, when it paid a license fee, which is usually not very high but. Photos are made by professional photographers and are intended from the outset for licensed use. Wants to use other sources to photos, can obtain the necessary licenses and possibly obtaining a written permission be very costly of all persons visible on it, if necessary.

    132. Storytelling

    Storytelling is a marketing technique, the preferred today in advertising is used. The advertising message is then packed into a little story, can experience the viewer or reader directly and empathize. In addition to the marketing Storytelling is also in psychotherapy, used in education and in the traditional journalism.

    133. search engine index

    The search engine index is the directory, all stores in a search engine of their indexed pages. pages, that are not in the search engine index, can not be found through the search engine. As a punitive measure in violation of search engines search engine rules individual pages can also remove the punishment from the index, they are no longer visible and findable.

    134. SEO Content

    In addition to the structure of the website, the metadata and the images and graphics, above all, the textual content of a website must be designed as optimally as possible, to achieve a high ranking. It is not just the presence of the most important ones that matters Keywords a role, but also the scope of the entire content structure. Search engines can almost today "read", what a website is about and how comprehensive and complete the information is. Content is King.

    135. Search advertising / Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

    Besides winning as many as possible Visitors from organic traffic, there is also the possibility, active advertising in search engines turn to specific keywords. This advertisement is chargeable, the amount of costs resulting from the existing competition for a particular search term and the level of bids from other competitors.

    Other topics in the field "T":

    136. Testimonial

    Testimonials published comments and experiences are more satisfied customers. They are called "letter of recommendation" used in marketing, to others to convince customers from buying. Testimonials are very effective, many customers based on purchasing decisions to a large extent on the experience, reported by other customers, who have already purchased the product.

    137. Tagging

    Tagging content different keywords are associated, in order to sort thematically. They are particularly well known #Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. such a hashtag If you call on, obtained displayed this keyword associated content. Tags can also be assigned several times (from. B. #Holiday #GranCanaria #Hotelkatastrophe), by content can be highly targeted and searched later found.

    138. Textagentur

    post instead of required texts themselves, you can hire at a Textagentur they simply. This corresponds to a traditional outsourcing. The services offered can be very different, also in the quality of the texts, there are often great differences. Sample texts and price comparisons are worthwhile.

    139. Texts for online shops

    In online shops, on the one hand Category texts needed, on the other hand, as detailed and well-designed as possible product. Both types of texts should also be optimally adapted and with appropriate Keywords be provided. not write texts for online shops have to yourself, you can also at freelance writers or Textagenturen instruct.

    140. Texts in dialogue marketing
    141. can write lyrics

    If there are not enough capacity, to text to compose himself, you can Texts also outsource. That is at freelance writers or Textagenturen possible. Outsourcing of text creation on the one hand provide texts in truly professional quality, but on the other hand saves a lot of time, that can be used much better.

    142. Texts Stellung

    In the copywriting is important, that a topic is really detailed and exhaustive answers and all aspects adequately and evenly illuminated. In this way, increase the texts Ranking opportunities. The text itself should have a thread of continuity and well organized with many paragraphs and sub-headings.

    143. Thin Content

    Thin content are pages "thin" content, of little or no benefit for visitors offers. This can be automatically created content or Duplicate Content from other sides. Also so-called Doorway Pages fall under thin content, but in addition also include pages to, which have no beneficial content other than advertising claims. Since Google users will provide many relevant results as possible, Pages are punished with Thin Content rigorously by the search engine.

    144. Tracking

    Tracking methods provide the opportunity, record a user's behavior and to monitor. Thus it can be seen as, about which websites or links a user has entered on your page, how long he stayed on each page, and what sites he has visited a total which IP address he surfs. can be tracked and clicks and mouse movements. The recording of the data enables a thorough analysis of user behavior and thus a possibility, to design websites better and also identified user needs. In addition, the success of individual marketing activities can be better assessed by tracking.

    Other topics in the field "The":

    145. Unique Content

    Unique content is unique content and thus the opposite of Duplicate Content, ie content, previously released on other domains with the same or very similar wording or copied from other domains. should always Unique websites contain content.

    146. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

    Die Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is this unique selling point of a business, by which it differs clearly from its competitors. Without a real unique selling a successful marketing and building a solid brand is very difficult to do are not possible.

    147. User-Experience (UX)

    Die User-Experience (UX) is the sum of the usage experience, that a user with a particular website makes. This experience can be positive or negative, optimally is fun to use. At least, however, the user must smoothly to its destination come. That will be done through the best possible Usability the side ensured - so that the optimum usability of the site for users is meant.

    148. User Generated Content

    Beim User Generated Content (UGC) is it of all content, created the not the operator of a web offer, but create users of the web offer.

    In addition to comments, Reviews and forum posts are also, for example, on YouTube uploads from users as UGC.

    Other topics in the field "W":

    149. length of stay

    The dwell time is the time, that a user either on the entire web (Total length of stay) or each spends on a single bottom, before wegklickt. increasing incidence, very short residence times can be a sign, that the page content does not meet the expectations of users. Alternatively, is also possible, that users do not find their way properly on one side. The longest possible length of stay is also a positive ranking criterion. The length of stay of users is over Tracking determined.

    150. viral content

    content, the "virally go", spread with very high speed and all by itself through the net. A type of snowball effect comes into play in the distribution. In order to distribute content on viral distribution channels, they need to be particularly interesting and easy to share. You must be optimally placed and can before a viral effect use, must be a "critical mass" be achieved in humans, to the so-called "Tipping-Point" (the tipping point) is exceeded. Viral distribution of content is also a part of guerrilla marketing.

    151. Wayback Machine

    Using the Wayback Machine can find you older or previous versions of Web pages and display. It is therefore a "digital archive" for the internet, even non-existent pages can thereby view more, if they have been stored in the database. Operated, the Wayback Machine of Internet Archive, a non-profit companies from the USA, based in San Francisco.

    152. WDF*IDF

    About the WDF*IDF Calculation can be determined arithmetically, how relevant a particular text on an issue is. This is done by evaluating the within-Document Frequency (WDF) and the Inverse Document Frequency (IDF), determine the frequency of certain key words in each case the. Due to the optimal weighting of individual word frequencies located in an optimally designed text can post, also can be determined, which terms in a really relevant document in what frequency must be present. The calculation is complicated, the result is therefore now exclusively determined by WDF * IDF. At the present time, where search engines are based almost entirely on Latent Semantic Optimization work, is the Keyword Density as a measure for optimally designed texts is no longer sufficient.

    153. website structure

    A good and logical structuring of a website is fundamental, to ever have a good one Usability to be able to achieve. Also for the ranking is a good structuring of the page important, there too Crawlers of search engines should be able to understand the structure of a page as well as possible. Content should be clearly divided, there should be a separate subpage for each main keyword. Siloing is definitely recommended. In addition, a well-designed navigation and a logical URL structure, possible with speaking URLs, must be observed.

    154. Website texts

    to equip a website only with pictures or a few lines of text, would as Thin Content rated and would be very detrimental to the site. available on every Web page must be sufficiently informative and well-structured text. Here, all headings categories should be used by H1 to H3 in logical order. Texts must necessarily include an added value and a real benefit for the reader.

    155. ad blocking

    Ad blocker ad blockers are filtering programs, block the advertising contained on Web pages, so that it is not shown. are blocked in principle all advertising formats, However, it does not create ad blocker actually to block every single advertising. Ad blocking can either be included directly in the browser or add an add-on.

    156. write advertising copy

    Copywriting should raise awareness of a particular product or a particular service - or animate directly to buy. That requires, that they are professionally written. In addition, advertising texts must always be drawn to specific target groups, if they are to be successful - among other things, the creation of Buyer People.

    157. White Hat SEO

    This is to optimization measures, the rules and guidelines of the search engines match and may thus be employed. The opposite of this is black hat techniques, which is not allowed optimization measures. The terms were derived from old American cowboy films, where the bad guy always wears a black hat, the hero mind getting a white.

    158. Whitepaper

    White papers are a great way, referencing sober facts and figures, instead of resorting to advertising messages. The result are white papers from earlier usual political position papers - Today they mainly provide a factual overview of services, Product features and characteristics of products is, particularly in the area of ​​technical innovations in the IT sector. White Papers are available usually in .pdf format for download. You can also have a positive impact on the ranking of a page - be if offered on a page white papers for download, applies commonly referred to as positive ranking signal.

    Other topics in the field "Y":

    159. Yahoo

    Behind the Yahoo search engine! is the company Altaba Inc., now part of the Verizon group. In German-speaking countries is the search engine Yahoo! the third largest search engine behind Google and Bing. over 700 Million people worldwide use the Services of the provider, particular mail, News and Yahoo's Instant Messenger. Several years ago, Yahoo ran into criticism, as it turned out, that more than 1 Billion user accounts were hacked - So virtually almost all accounts of any user, to the transfer of data of some dissidents and journalists and the establishment has a permanently open "back door" sharply criticized the FBI for many.

    160. Yield Management

    The yield management system is a revenue management for companies, is to be maximized by the total profit of the company as possible. The system works certain capacity and tuned out prices based on availability. In this way, existing capacities are to be optimally exploited. Yield management is in the hotel industry, for car rental companies but also with transport service providers very frequently used (from. B. Last minute offers to capacity as full as possible exploit or pricing per available number of rental vehicles and expected demand).